Powers Jonathan Children 1920

left to right standing: Susan Dow (Powers) Heath, Daniel Heath Powers, Mary Ann (Powers) Filley, seated: William Thompson Powers, Deborah Ball (Powers) Currier, Ebenezer Kendall Powers, Jonathan Powers


Welcome to my Web Blog; Powers Behind Grand Rapids. This is my first attempt to share some of materials I have gathered over the years on the early history of Grand Rapids, Michigan and the Powers and Ball families. They originally came from New Hampshire, having spent the better part of ten years in Lansingburgh and Troy, New York before arriving in Grand Rapids. This is the story behind John Ball and his extended family that settled the Grand River Valley. Remnants of the family are still present nearly 170 years later.

Some of the Powers and Ball descendants include; Winslow, Currier, Chaffee, Pipp, Poisson, Putnam, DiPiazza, Webster, Heath…

In addition I’m hoping to share about those friends of the family that have influenced us and the world. Some of those are; Margaret and Maude Fealy, former President Gerald R. and First Lady Betty Ford, Spencer Tracy, Dean Jagger, Selena Royle…

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy.