Powers Family

Ball Family Members
Hon. John Ball, Esq.* (1794–1884) — GR Pioneer, establish Grand Rapids Public Museum
Mary Thompson (Webster) Ball [cousin] — Mrs. John Ball
Frank Webster Ball (1851–1915) — Owner Daily Morning Democrat newspaper

Currier Family Members
Alfred Osgood Currier* (A. O.) (1817–1881) [brother-in-law] — Pattern Maker, establish GR Public Museum
Arthur Webster Currier (1844–1904) [nephew]— Stationer, Pattern Maker
Deborah Ball (Powers) Currier (1823–1881) [sister] — Mrs. A. O. Currier

Heath Family Members
Caleb C. Heath* (1822–1866) [brother-in-law] — Lumber Foreman
Jonathan Heath (1844–1922) [nephew] —
Susan Dow (Powers) Heath (1826–1910) [sister] — Mrs. Caleb C. Heath

Ledeboer Family Members
Dr. F. S. Ledeboer — Managing Gold mine operations in Spearfish, South Dakota
William Thompson Powers Ledeboer — Managing operations in Spearfish, South Dakota

Moulton Family Members
Edith Loraine (Powers) Moulton (1872–1966) [granddaughter] — Mrs. Roy K. Moulton
Powers Moulton (1911–1953) [great-grandson] — Editor: Detroit Free Press, New York News
Roy Kenneth Moulton* (1874–1928) — Humorist, Columnist, Washington Correspondent

Pipp Family Members
Nora (Powers) Pipp (1894–1968) [great-grandniece] — Mrs. Walter C. Pipp
Walter Clement Pipp (Wally)* (1893–1965) — Detroit Tiger, NY Yankee, Cleveland Indian

Powers Family Members
Anna Frances (Kelly) Powers (1864–1952) — Mrs. John E. Powers
Albert Powers (1855–) [nephew] — Managing operations in Spearfish, South Dakota
Charles Ball Powers (1852–1891) [son] — Managing operations in Spearfish, South Dakota
Daniel Heath Powers (D. H.) (1841–1924) [half-brother] —
Deborah (Ball) Powers* (1790–1891) [aunt] — Oilcloth Manufacturer
Ebenezer Kendall Powers (E. K.) (1829–1877) [brother] — Confectioner, Lumbering
John Edward Powers (1860–1955) [nephew] — Confectioner, Fruit Farmer
Jonathan Powers, Sr (1795–1865) [father] — Clothier, Fulling Mill Owner
Jonathan Powers, Jr (1831–1879) [brother] — Confectioner
Sidney W. Powers (1890–1932) [1c2r] — Father American Geology, “Sidney Powers’ Award”
William Thompson Powers (Wm. T.) (1820–1909) — Grand Rapids Entrepreneur
William Franklin Power (1860–1948) [nephew] — Managing operations in Spearfish, South Dakota
William Henry Powers (Wm. H.) (1841–1895) — Grand Rapids Entrepreneur

Putnam Family Members
Anna (Currier) Putnam (1847–1918) [niece] — Mrs. T. C. Putnam
Theodore Chandler Putnam* (1840–1930) — Grand Rapids Entrepreneur, Confectioner

Spooner Family Members
Joseph Willett Spooner* (1849–1926) [son-in-law] —Manager Powers Opera House/Theatre
William Thompson Powers Spooner (1884–19xx) [grandson] — Projectionist Fox Film Corporation, New York City

*married into the family, otherwise blood.
[relation to William T. Powers]

3 thoughts on “Powers Family

    • Vicki, He’s not forgotten. The list involves the first generation that moved to Grand Rapids from the east. Albert will be included when I get to writing about Spearfish, South Dakota. I’ve been finding a lot more about the family’s investment there. Thank you. Jim

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