Powers’ Businesses

Wolverine Chair & Furniture Company

Wolverine Chair & Furniture Company along the West Side Water power Canal.

Bristol, New Hampshire
1820–1828 — Powers’ Fulling Mill

Lansingburgh/Troy, New York
1820–19xx — Powers’ Oilcloth Manufacturing — William and Deborah (Ball) Powers

Grand Rapids Businesses
1848–185X — Powers’ & Ball Furniture Manufacturing & Ware Room (Showroom)
1850–185x — Powers’ & Ball Saw Mill (First Steam Powered Mill, First Use Gang-Saws)
1855–185X — Powers’ & Ball Lumber Mill (William T. Powers & Ebenezer Morris Ball)
186x–1868 — Powers’ & Ball Lumber Mill (William H. Powers & Ebenezer Morris Ball)
18xx–18xx — Grand River & Rouge River Log Running Company
1867–1881 — William T. Powers’ Sawmill
186x–187x — E. K. Powers’ Confectionery (Ebenezer Kendall Powers)
186x–187x — Currier & Putnam Paper Box Company
186x–187x — Powers & White
186x–187x — Putnam & Brooks Confectionery
1880–1891 — Wolverine Chair & Furniture Company
1871–189x — Grand Rapids Brush Company
187x–18xx — Powers’ (Motor) Meter Company (Water Motor Meter Pumps)
1868–1875 — Powers’ Planing Mill (Sash, Door & Shingle Company)
18xx–18xx — Martin Middlings Purifier Company (Flour Dust Arrestor)
1875–19xx — Powers and Walker Burial Case and Casket Company
1866–19xx — West Side Water Power Canal
1874–1979 — Powers’ Opera House/Theatre (Foto News 1944–48, Midtown Theatre 1948–1972, Civic Theatre 1976–1978)
1880–1902 — Grand Rapids Electric Light & Power Company (First electric company in Michigan, First use of hydroelectric power in North America, First hydroelectric power plant in the world)
1882–19xx — Michigan Iron Works/Electric Company (Interior Incandescent Lighting)
1894–1909 — Gypsum Products Manufacturing Company (formerly Granite Wall Plaster Co.) — Powers’ Plaster Mine
189x– — Spooner & Hall Fire Insurance Co.
19xx–19xx — Powers’ Plumbing

Deadwood & Spearfish, South Dakota
1880–189x — Powers Gypsum Plaster Mine, Spearfish, SD
1880–189x — Powers Saw Mill (Water Power), Spearfish, SD
1880–189x — Powers Merchantile, Spearfish, SD
188x–189x — Ledeboer & Company (Gypsum Plaster Mine), Spearfish, SD

© Grand Rapids Public Museum Archives Photo Collection, Wolverine Chair & Furniture Company #178044

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