Powers Door & Sash Company

1868–1870 — Powers & Ball Lumber
William Henry Powers (William T. Powers’ son)
Ebenezer Morris Ball (John Ball’s nephew)

1870–1875 —Powers’ Door & Sash Company
William Henry Powers (Ebenezer Kendall’s nephew)
Ebenezer Kendall Powers (William Henry’s uncle)

It was the first factory constructed on West Side Water Power Canal in 1867–68.

In 1875 William Henry Powers will take on Joseph H. Walker as a partner just recruited from Grand Rapids Burial Casket Company. They will form Powers & Walker Burial Case and Casket Company.

1868–1870 Powers & Ball Lumber
1870–1875 Powers’ Door & Sash Company
1875 Manufacturing changes to become Powers’ & Walker Burial Case and Casket Company

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