Kenneth Daigneau

Kenneth Daigneau, actor and one of William H. Wright's resident stock Broadway Players durning the 1920s.

Kenneth Daigneau, an actor in William H. Wright’s Broadway Players in Grand Rapids during the 1920s.

Kenneth Daigneau, actor for William H. Wright’s resident stock company Broadway Players at Powers’ Theatre played leading-man in the first George M. Cohan comedy, The Meanest Man in the World. This same production would be Spencer Tracy‘s first play in Grand Rapids with Wright’s Broadway Players. He would perform the supportive role of Carlton Childs, an idealistic young businessman to great reviews in The Grand Rapids Press as well as The Herald.

Daigneau and SPAM

The story of SPAM® luncheon meat began in 1936. Hormel Foods devised a recipe for a twelve-ounce can of luncheon meat. Jay C. Hormel was determined to find a brand name with a distinct identity that would set it apart from the competition. The company offered a $100 prize for the best name for the luncheon meat product. The winner was Kenneth Daigneau, the actor brother of Hormel Vice President Ralph Daigneau. Hormel Foods first produced SPAM® luncheon meat in 1937 in Austin, Minn. One of the first moderately priced, convenient and great-tasting food products on the market, SPAM® became America’s favorite luncheon meat almost immediately.

Although considered a great actor in his day he will always be remembered as the man that gave SPAM it’s name.

Here’s a Little SPAM History

more to come…


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