The Arcade Made Official in 1867

Arcade in RED

The Arcade shown in RED on this 1888 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map.

Quit Claim to the City of Grand Rapids

On 17 October 1867 a Quit Claim was issued between William T. Powers and Louisa Powers his wife and Warren P. Mills and Helen M. Mills his wife to the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan

The right of free and unobstructed passage for foot passengers only and not for teams or vehicles of any kind (except fire engine in case of fire) through, over and upon that part of lot 3 of section 1 of the original Campau Plat of said City (once village) of Grand Rapids, within the following boundaries –

Commending on the north line of Pearl Street at the southeasterly corner of the westerly part of Powers and Mills new Arcade Building – as the foundation of the same is now laid – the same being 12 feet 8 inches from the southeast corner of Rood’s Block – thence running east on said north line of Pearl Street 12 feet thence northerly parallel with the east line of westerly part of said Arcade Building to the north line of said lot 3, thence westerly on said north line 12 feet and thence southerly along the east line of said westerly part of said Arcade Building to the place of beginning With the right to said City to lay a sewer and gas and water pipes though the same premises as the convenience of the public shall require, but in such manner as not to conflict or interfere with the rights of said parties of the first part or the convenience of the public. And reserving to said parties of the first part, their heirs and assigns forever, the right to cover said premises with a building in such manner as to leave said passageway 12 feet wide and not less than twelve feet high in the clear with sky lights to light the same sufficiently.

The Site Today

Now nothing more than a sidewalk but it’s still 12 feet wide that runs between The Rood Block with Flanagan’s Irish Pub (former Terry House Cafeteria) and an Ellis Parking structure (once the site of Powers Theatre Building with Consumer’s Power Company that had been headquarters of The Grand Rapids Electric Light & Power Company for about 50 years).

Contributing Research by Barbara Vander Mark

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