Theatre Building Businesses

Bauman’s Cafe

Bauman Cafe

Bauman’s Cafe, Powers’ Opera House Block 51–53–55 (123) Pearl St NW

Bauman’s Cafe Interior

Bauman’s Cafe, Powers’ Opera House Block 51–53–55 (123) Pearl St NW

Powers’ Opera House Block 1902

Powers' Theatre Building 1902

Powers’ Opera House Block 1902

Circa 1902. Left to Right; Herman A. Toren, Printer (Grand Rapids Democrat) 25 Powers’ Opera House Block. John H. Beekman, Jeweler; Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, 53 Pearl, home 35 Grandville Ave, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Albert Sorg, A. Sorg & Company, Painters, 55 Pearl, rooms 210 N Ottawa. Temporary Office of National City Bank. (In 1902 National City Bank remodeled their offices; History of Grand Rapids and its industries, Volume 1 by Dwight Goss pg 428)

D Emmett Welsh

D Emmett Welsh , M. D., one of the foremost specialists in the treatment of diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat in the State of Michigan.

D. Emmett Welsh, M. D.

The exacting conditions of Twentieth century progress have resulted in specialization in every line of human activity. Men of conspicuous ability have proved that the best and most productive results are secured by a single-hearted devotion to some particular line. It has been their contention that with so many competitions it is impossible for any one man to become an expert in all lines, and that therefore those who specialize in a given direction are more reasonably sure of attaining perfection than those who distribute their activities over a wide territory. In the broad field of medical service, one who has won success by following this plan, is D. Emmett Welsh, M. D., one of the foremost specialists in the treatment of diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat in the State of Michigan. For thirty-three years he has been engaged in practice at Grand Rapids and during this time has not only become known as one of the leading exponents of his profession, but has been the recipient of numerous honors of a public nature. Dr. Welsh was born, Jan. 22, 1858, at Columbia, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, and received his elementary education in the public schools of his native place. For four years he was under the preceptorship of Dr. Craig, surgeon for the Pennsylvania railway, following which he entered Jefferson Medical College, in which he was graduated in 1878. During the six years that followed he was engaged in practice at Latrobe, Westmoreland county, and included in his duties while there those of mine physician for the Loyal Hanna Coke and Coal Company, the Saxman’s Mines and the H. Clay Frick & Company Coal Company, work which gave him experience of the broadest and most valuable character. Next, Dr. Welsh went to Philadelphia, in which city he took a special course of study and was appointed assistant at the University of Pennsylvania, for the treatment of nose and throat diseases, under Prof. Carl Seiler, this being an outdoor treatment. He was also assistant to Prof. John B. Roberts in surgery at the Philadelphia Polyclinic, and was resident physician at Will’s Eye and Ear Hospital, in the same city. Subsequently, to further prepare himself, he attended lectures in London, England, and Paris, France, as well as lectures by Dr. Berry, the noted specialist, at Edinburgh, Scotland, and today holds certificates entitling him to advanced privileges in his particular line of practice. Returning to the United States, July 6, 1885, Dr. Welsh settled at Grand Rapids, where he has since met with continued and ever-increasing success. On various occasions, as before noted, he has been honored by his profession and in other ways. In the year following his arrival at Grand Rapids, he was appointed by President Cleveland as expert pension examiner for Western Michigan, a post which he still holds. He is ex-president of the Grand Rapids Academy of Medicine, ex-vicepresident of the State Medical Society and ex-secretary of the National Association of Railway Surgeons; was one of the organizers of the Kent County Medical Society, of which he was president for one term; and in 1912 was president of the Michigan State Medical Society, subsequently being a member of its council for three years and now serving in the capacity of treasurer. He is a member of the state and county societies, the American Medical Association, the Mississippi Valley Medical Society, the National Association of Rhinology, the Pennsylvania State Medical Society (honorary), the Western Laryngological Society, the Detroit Opthalmological Society, the Detroit Otolaryangical Society, and he is president of the Michigan Trilogical Society and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. His system of examination in sight and hearing, devised by himself, so neared perfection that it was adopted years ago by many of the railroad companies of both this country and Canada and is very generally in use in many localities. He was also for many years the examiner for color blindness and other visual defects, as well as disorders of the ear, for the G. R. & I., C. & W. M., G. R. & W., and other railroad companies, the consolidated street railways of Grand Rapids and the police and fire departments. He served as a member of the Grand Rapids Board of Health for three terms, being president one term. Fraternally, he is a thirty-second degree Mason, and life member of the A. A. O. N. M. S., and belongs to the Royal Arcanum, and he is a life member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. Dr. Welsh was married Jan. 20, 1898, at Grand Rapids, to Miss Grace Vivian Diver, who was born in this city. They have one child, D. Emmitt, Jr.

©1918 Grand Rapids and Kent County, Michigan: Historical Account of Their Progress from First Settlement to the Present Time, In Two Volumns, Volume 2 By Ernest B. Fisher, Editor, Pages 398-399

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4 thoughts on “Theatre Building Businesses

    • John, Thank you for the information. I found a biographical profile (photo to scan) on D. Emmett Welsh in one of my Local Grand Rapids history books. Do you live locally? Would love to get varying photos of the eyeglasses and case if at all possible. Thank you again. Jim

      • Sorry so long to get back to you. I can send you photos of the glasses and case. I am just in the process of getting my prescription made and installed in the glasses frames.

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